5 Questions To Help You Find the Right Dispatch Software

How do you find the right labor union job dispatch software?

It can be difficult; there is now plenty of labor union software, focused on the job dispatch process. Unfortunately, the number of options can be overwhelming to most, especially those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of software services. Many Locals struggle to make a selection, faced with the paralyzing fear of making the wrong choice. There’s the very real potential of being stuck with an expensive software solution that causes more problems than it solves.

Understanding how a potential software solution meets your needs is essential. It’s an investment that affects not only your staff but your members and your bottom line.

You can get a better idea of whether a software is a good fit and mitigate risk by asking these five questions.

1. What are my Local’s most important Job dispatch needs?

Start by writing down your Local’s job dispatch needs; ask, what is essential for your Local? Then compare that list with the features that the software provides. It’s vital to prioritize this list to determine your must-have features or qualities. Perhaps scalability is your number one concern. Convenience for your members could be a significant priority. Or it could simply boil down to a reasonable price.

2. Can the software be easily customized?

Many locals are unique and have specific rules and individual processes developed over years of operation. Whatever software you choose must have some approach to customization. Period. 

Unfortunately, many software providers charge an additional cost to customize their solution. Or, their software solutions are too rigid, forcing your Local to conform to the software instead of the software conforming to your Local.

Bottom line: make sure you choose a software provider that will work with you to deliver a tailored experience.Article: The problem With Labor Union Software.

3. Is the customer support any good?Our Promise: Cutsomization Comes Standard

When your job dispatch operation depends on the software, and an issue arises, having a reliable and expedient support team is vital. It would be nice if technology always worked as we would expect it, but there are still instances when things don’t go as planned. Things can even happen outside of the scope of the software itself that could affect performance: connectivity and server issues, for example. Having a knowledgable team that is readily accessible, that can help you track down problems and help correct them make all of the difference.

4. Is it easy to use?

The user experience is becoming a more important deciding factor for business and consumers alike when choosing products and services. This factor should play an important part in your decision as well. For staff members who manage job calls, a software interface that empowers them instead of getting in the way is essential. For members, having a modern easy-to-use interface is now an expected quality of an application, not a nice-to-have. A first-class user experience can also go a long way in making your Local stand out. 

5. Does the software solution offer a free trial?

This is perhaps the most essential question. Sometimes the only way to know if a software solution is going to be a good fit is to use it. The ability to use an application in the context of everyday operations is going to be the most reliable way to make sure a software’s features and functionality work for your staff and your members. Many software companies in the labor union software industry don’t offer a free trial. Many of these software providers are afraid of exposing their software’s shortcomings before you’ve made the purchase. Also, it’s costly and expensive for them to provide that valuable service.

Union Worx understands how big of a commitment it is to modernize your Local’s job dispatch process. That’s why we offer a 30-day free trial, with no contract to sign, so you can make the best decision possible. Within minutes, we can have your very own instance of Union Worx ready for a test run.

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