Our Mission

To empower small and medium size IBEW Locals to streamline their operations to better serve their members.

How We Serve Our Customers

Union Worx provides a contemporary, intuitive, and tailored platform for their administrators and members. The core features of the platform include member management, messaging and notifications, job dispatch, member dues, and more.

Save Time

Union Worx's ease of use, modern presentation, and flexibility help members and administrators save time and focus on what's most important to them by streamlining many day-to-day interactions and tasks.

Save Money

Our software development process – build once and deploy for all – in concert with our payment and service partnerships allow us to deliver a best-in-class experience for locals of any size and budget.

Better Serve Your Members

Union Worx provides members with a convenient way to connect with your local and empowers them to take control of their critical day-to-day needs and interactions.

About Us

Union Worx began in 2014 with an initial focus to help one of the local IBEWs digitize their job dispatch system. However, as more locals approached us with interest in the platform, we recognized a need to help small to medium size locals provide a better experience for their members and internal teammates. We re-engineered and re-imagined the platform to quickly deploy a unique, custom version for any IBEW local; and Union Worx was born.

Union Worx was founded and is operated by Christopher Carranza and Heath Carranza, with 30 years of software development and delivery experience between them. Other members include sales and other supporting development consultants and collaborators.

Union Worx is based in Omaha Nebraska and we work with almost 30 IBEW locals across the United States and Canada.

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