Union Worx

Frequently Ased Questions

Q: How do users sign up?
A: Users can sign up through the website or app and need approval by staff before they are able to login.
Q: How much does the system cost?
A: A recurring monthly cost is based on membership.
Q: Do I have to pay a separate fee for the mobile app or any other add-ons?
A: Everything is included in the monthly cost.
Q: Can I control who is allowed on the system?
A: Yes, users need to be approved by staff before they are allowed to login.
Q: Who can see the out of work list?
A: This is configurable and can show the entire list to members or just show the number of members on a book. If a local has more specific needs, further customization is available.
Q: Can anyone bid on any job call? What if they are turned down by a contractor?
A: A member can be blocked from a contractor which would not allow them to bid on any of their job call.
Q: What kind of notifications are sent to members?
A: Notifications are sent when the monthly re-sign period begins, when they are selected or not selected for a job call, and when new job calls for the day are available. These are all configurable by the member.
Q: Can I customize the messages and notifications that are sent?
A: Most message and notifications can be customized to fit your needs.
Q: Can I control when job call selection occurs and how long a job call is visible?
A: Yes, visibility is configured per job call and the selection time can be changed.
Q: What if a member doesn’t have a computer / smartphone or doesn’t want to use the system?
A: Staff are allowed to do all operations for a user including bidding for them. This allows job calls to still be posted on a phone system and for members to call or fax in their bids.
Q: What about transparency, how do people know that the selection is fair?
A: All actions are logged in the system and can be audited. This includes modifying bids, out of work list and re-signs.
Q: How are staff notified about the selection results?
A: Staff members can be emailed the results and the result history is kept in the system forever.
Q: Does a members job / bidding history go away when they are taken off the out of work list?
A: As long as they remain a member in the system, their history will remain, even when not considered “out of work”.
Q: Does the system support Dings?
A: The system does support a manual ding system.
Q: Do you integrate with Working Systems Labor Power?
A: We do not integrate at this time, you can run both simultaneously.
Q: How are you different than Working Systems Labor Power?
A: Currently there is some overlap, but we offer a focused tool for managing the out of work list, and automating the job call process. Our system streamlines the process and includes everything you need including mobile app.