The Problem With Labor Union Software

Every Local is unique – they possess their own rules, regulations, and processes developed over many years. The problem with most software companies is they don’t take into account those unique factors, and their software solutions offer very little flexibility out of the box. This approach results in Locals paying extra money to tailor the software to their needs.

In one respect, we don’t blame these companies for operating in this way: its challenging to account for the dozens or maybe even hundreds of potential variances across many different Locals. It’s simpler to create and sell a core set of functionality and then customize it after the fact. 

The problem with this strategy is that these software providers charge you for customization after you’ve already paid for their product.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Imagine for one moment that you bought a pair of shoes, but they come in one size, one color, and only one style. After purchasing these shoes you now have to pay to get them to fit correctly, you must pay more for the color you prefer, and then pay additional money for a different style.

This doesn’t make sense, and it’s not fair.

At Union Worx, our core philosophy is that Unions of every size and shape will receive the software that fits their unique needs at a reasonable monthly price without additional costs for customization or costly software updates.Article: 5 Questions to help you find the right labor union dispatch software.

Our Customers = Our Partners

As we’ve partnered with various Locals over the years, we’ve continued to evolve Union Worx and have integrated the controls necessary for customization based on real-world feedback. Don’t get us wrong – by no means have we encountered every possible regulation or rule we need to account for; however, we’re committed to incorporating new findings and updating our software for free. In this way, the relationship with our customers is more like a partnership. We work with them to incorporate changes, and every union reaps the benefits of continual improvements.

We’ve taken into account much of the bidding and selection process already including:

  • Books: structure your books based on your unique requirements
  • Job visibility: adjust the visibility and selection period of job calls
  • Member restrictions: prevent specific members from registering and bidding on jobs
  • Out of Work List (OoWL): decide how much of your OoWL is visible to members
  • Notifications: personalize winning and losing bid messages
  • Ding system: set member dings manually
  • Job call overrides: customize winner selection messages on a per-job basis
  • And more!

This level of customization has allowed us to get new customers up and running on day 1 and helped build a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with existing customers.

Our Promise: Customization Comes Standard

Choosing a software partner can be hard. It’s easy to invest in a platform only to realize you have to pay even more to tailor the software to your business and your processes. Thankfully, Union Worx is committed to providing our customers with control over customizing the platform to their needs; and are just as committed to partnering with them to make improvements without nickle and diming them.

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