Does Union Worx integrate with Working Systems Lab...

We do not integrate at this time, you can run both simultaneously.

Can I control which members are allowed on Union W...

Yes, users need to be approved by staff before they are allowed to login.

How are staff notified about the selection results...

Staff members can be emailed the results and the result history is kept in the system forever.

Who can see the out of work list?

This is configurable and can show the entire list to members or just show the number of members on a book. If a local has more specific needs, further customization is available.

Can anyone bid on any job call? What if they are t...

  A member can be blocked from a contractor which would not allow them to bid on any of their job call.

What kind of notifications are sent to members?

  Notifications are sent when the monthly re-sign period begins, when they are selected or not selected for a job call, when new job calls for the day are available, and when membership dues are due. These are all configurable by the member.

Does a members job / bidding history go away when ...

As long as they remain a member in the system, their history will remain, even when not considered “out of work”.

Does the system support Dings?

The system does support a manual ding system.

Can I control when job call selection occurs and h...

Yes, visibility is configured per job call and the selection time can be changed.

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