Union Worx

Cloud-Based Dispatch for Labor Unions of Any Size

Union Worx empowers staff to manage jobs, contractors, members, and their Out of Work Lists conveniently.

Why Union Worx?

Union Worx automates every facet of the job referral process – from job call management to member notifications – giving you and your team precious time back. And not only is Union Worx convenient for administrators but members too - it provides an intuitive way for members to view jobs, place bids and track job call status’ from anywhere.

Manage Job Calls

Union Worx’s powerful job bidding system lets you easily and conveniently manage jobs, contractors and union members.

Out of Work List Management

Easily view your lists and optionally make it available to your members. Union Worx also reminds members when it’s time to re-sign!

Automated Notifications

Union Worx uses text messages, push notifications and email to notify members of new postings and job statuses - eliminating hours of manual work.


The Union Worx platform was designed to adapt to each Local’s specific business rules and and member needs.

Dues Payments (coming soon)

We’re currently developing an automated dues payment solution that will make collecting dues easy and seamless.

Managed Hosting

Your dedicated installation of Union Worx is hosted and managed by the Union Worx team giving you the timely support needed for your operations.

Available Everywhere

Union Worx, works everywhere and anywhere you and your members are. Union Worx was developed from the ground up to support desktop, tablet, mobile web and native platforms.

Apps Included

Getting Started is Simple

Unlimited Job Calls

We understand that every union has unique job referral needs depending on their location and membership. Our pricing is not dependent on this dynamic and we offer all of our customers unlimited job calls. To learn more about our pricing structure call us at 888.978.6466.

No Long Term Contract

Union Worx operates on a month-to-month contract, meaning that you can cancel at any time! Hopefully you will find enough value in Union Worx that you won’t want to leave!

No Set Up Fee

There is no set up fee to use Union Worx - simply pay for your first month and get started. If you’re not satisfied you can cancel at any time.

Unlimited Notifications

Notifying memebers and administrators of job availability and selection plays a critical roll in your union’s job referral management. We offer unlimited notifications so you don’t have to worry about additional costs associated with the volume and frequency of notifications.

Training & Email Support

Union Worx offers one-on-one training and 24-7 email support for all of our Customers.

Free Software Updates

We’re continually updating and improving Union Worx with software enhancements and additional features. These will be available to all of our customers at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do users sign up?
A: Users can sign up through the website or app and need approval by staff before they are able to login.
Q: How much does the system cost?
A: A recurring monthly cost is based on membership.
Q: Do I have to pay a separate fee for the mobile app or any other add-ons?
A: Everything is included in the monthly fee.
Q: Can I control who is allowed on the system?
A: Yes, users need to be approved by staff before they are allowed to login.
Q: Who can see the out of work list?
A: This is configurable and can show the entire list to members or just show the number of members on a book. If a local has more specific needs, further customization is available.
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