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Our Mission

To provide small-to-medium sized labor unions with easy-to-use digital tools to manage their operations and enhance their members’ experience.

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Helping Labor Unions Power Their Halls

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Our Story

Homegrown in the Midwest

Union Worx began in 2014 with an initial focus to help one of the local IBEWs digitize their job dispatch system. However, as more labor unions approached us with interest in the platform, we recognized a need to help small to medium size locals provide a better experience for their members and office staff. So, we re-engineered and re-imagined the platform to quickly deploy a unique, custom version for any labor union; and Union Worx was born.

Our Team

Union Worx was founded and is operated by Christopher Carranza and Heath Carranza, with over 30 years of combined software development and delivery experience. Other members include sales and supporting development consultants and collaborators. Union Worx is based in Omaha, Nebraska and we work with dozens of labor unions across the United States and Canada.

Our Customers Are Our Collaborating Partners

We pride ourselves on providing our Customers with a platform that fits their unique needs. We accomplish this by working with our customers to improve the capabilities and features of the software. This in turn adds value to all of our customers - as these new capabilities are delivered for free through the cloud.

Union Worx in Omaha Nebraska