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Group 18 Merch Store

Sell Your Local's Merchandise Online

Union Worx Merchandise Storefront lets you easily and conveniently sell your local's merchandise to your members online.

Introducing Physical Card Readers

Union Worx now integrates seamlessly with mobile and countertop card readers, giving your members another convenient way to pay for your local's merchandise!

Card Readers
Sell Your Products Online

Everything you need to sell your merchnadise online and on-the-go.

The Union Worx Storefront is easy to set up, manage, and take payments from.

Create and Manage Products
Create & Manage Products

You can upload images, create titles and descriptions, and specify product pricing.

Track Inventory
Track Inventory

Conveniently set quantities for each product to ensure you don't oversell your inventory.

Collect Payments
Take Payments

Take credit card payments online; it's easy for you, and convenient for your members.

What Customers Are Saying

Learn why dozens of IBEW locals in the US and Canada use Union Worx and how it helps them save time, save money, and better serve their membership.

"Union Worx has done so much to move our Local into the 21st century. This system saves so much time and money compared to our old books program. When we first began talking to Chris, he told us that their customer service is great and he was not lying. Every time we have had an issue or even just a simple question the team at Union Worx has been there with a great attitude and extremely quick responses!"

IBEW 175
Toby Shelton
Asst. Business Mgr., IBEW 175

"One of the main reasons we switched our credit card payments to Union Worx was because they were able to save our members money on processing fees. The added bonus was the whole package including job dispatching."

IBEW 295
William French
Business Mgr., IBEW 295

"The messaging feature is a great way to get information out to members QUICK and easy. The members seem to be very pleased with the system as well, because of the ease of use of the app."

IBEW 175
Toby Shelton
Asst. Business Mgr., IBEW 175

"Union Worx has helped us save a lot of time and resources. Especially getting our members out to work in a speedy manner. From using the messaging system to printing dispatches, Union Worx has made the process simplified and easy to work with. Customer support is very courteous and prompt. Ready to handle any task that we have asked and with stellar results. Members have also commented on the convenience of looking up book placement and bidding on job calls from the comfort of their homes. All things considered I would recommend Union Worx to any local that has not employed their services."

IBEW 295
Patrick Carabajal
Business Mgr., IBEW 428

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